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Wieland Rolled Products - North America
4802 Olympia Park Plaza #3000
 + 1 (502) 873 3000

About Wieland Rolled Products - North America:
Wieland Rolled Products NA is the leading manufacturer and converter of copper and copper-alloy sheet, strip, and foil in North America. While primarily processing copper and copper-alloys, we also reroll stainless steel. Our products are used in five primary end markets: automotive, building and construction, munitions, coinage, and electronics/electrical components. Our integrated brass mill in East Alton, Illinois is the main operating facility, which produces strip products. High technical competence, customer-oriented thinking, and sustainability determine our actions and have been the basis of the company's success since 1820.

Range of Services:

  • Strip and Sheet
  • Foil
  • Materials Selection
  • Simulation and Design Consultation

Contact Person:
Steve Van Hoose
Technical Marketing Manager
 + 1 (618) 979 9669