Igniting Automotive Innovation & Connectivity

Igniting Automotive Innovation & Connectivity

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Following a fantastic 2022 conference we look forward to bringing US Automotive Wire Harness & EDS Conference to Detroit, Michigan again on October 19 and 20, 2023.

Bringing together OEMs, Tier1 and Tier2 suppliers, wire harness developers, high-voltage specialists, and other innovative suppliers, the wire harness conference is a unique information and industry networking gathering for the entire automotive wire harness community!

Following over 10 years of successful working with the wire harness community in Europe, we expanded our reach into North America to help drive the development of wire harness and EDS systems, technologies, and innovations.

Presentations are focused on demonstrating solutions, strategies and tools for; Electrification, Advanced E/E Architecture, Functional Safety, Sustainability, Mass Reduction, High-Speed Data Network, Commercial Vehicle Unique Topics, Simulation, Labor/Complexity Reduction – including manufacturing automation and digitalization

Watch our 2022 recap video to see what you can expect from our next conference edition this October in Detroit!



Connecting with new industry partners, old friends and expanding your professional network is all part of the #AWHDetroit event experience.


Innovative solutions are essential to the future development of wire harness and EDS systems. Meet the companies exhibiting and showcasing their innovations, technologies, materials, and tools to meet future demands.



Enjoy an exciting line-up of renowned speakers, listen to captivating speeches, and hear about new approaches, innovations, and challenges within the automotive wire harness industry. We aim to offer you added value with every presentation and encourage open dialogue across the entire event.


Discover the Power of Connecting with Automotive Wire Harness Specialists

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving automotive industry, the role of wire harnesses cannot be underestimated. These intricate networks of cables and connectors play a vital role in transmitting power and data throughout vehicles, enabling seamless communication between various electrical components. As technology continues to revolutionize the automotive landscape, it is paramount to connect with automotive wire harness specialists to stay ahead of the curve.

By meeting automotive wire harness specialists, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can significantly impact your operations. These specialists possess in-depth understanding of wire harness design, manufacturing processes, and the latest industry standards. They are well-versed in emerging technologies, such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which heavily rely on sophisticated wire harness systems.

Collaborating with wire harness specialists allows you to optimize the design and functionality of your wire harnesses, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of your automotive applications. They can provide valuable insights into choosing the right materials, improving performance, reducing costs, and enhancing overall reliability. Moreover, their expertise can help you navigate regulatory compliance and industry standards, guaranteeing your wire harnesses meet safety and quality regulations.

In addition to technical expertise, networking with automotive wire harness specialists opens doors to potential partnerships and collaborations. These specialists often have extensive connections within the industry, enabling you to forge valuable relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and other key players. Such collaborations can foster innovation, drive efficiency, and enable you to tap into new opportunities.

In a rapidly advancing automotive landscape, the importance of meeting automotive wire harness specialists cannot be overstated. Their knowledge, experience, and industry insights can empower you to harness the full potential of wire harness technology, optimize your operations, and remain at the forefront of automotive innovation. Take the proactive step of connecting with these specialists and unlock a world of possibilities for your automotive endeavors.

Director of R&D
Developer Opto-mechanics
Development Engineer
Direct Product Engineering
Director Electromechanical Engineering
Director Product Group Harness Machine
Director Systems Engineering & Intellectual Property
Technical Leader EDS 
Engineering Manager
Director, VES Program Management
Director Application Engineering
Director Material Development and Test Laboratory
Director Wire Harness Development
Director Application Engineering 
Director Construction High Voltage Wire Harness
Head of EEB
Head of Electric / Electronics
Head of PM/PE Product Group Data Cables

Head of Predevelopment Components
Head of Predevelopment Wire Harness
Head of Quality, Physical On-Board Supply
Head of UA
Head of Wire Harness Innovation
Head of Wiring ARCH | LV-Energy & Simulation
Director Innovation and Technology 
Manager Development / Construction Wire Harness Components
Manager Development Wire Harness A-Series
Manager EE Architecture
Manager Wire Harness Innovation
Manager Serial Support
Manager Wire Harness Development
Manager High Power
Manager High Speed Products
Product Management Cable assembly
Product Management Cable assembly

Product Management High Voltage
Manager HV and data cables
Project Engineer
Project Leader E/E Vehicle Engineering
Project Manager Technology
Manager Engineering
Senior Manager Engineering T&C Technologies
Senior Manager Harness Development
Senior Manager Wire Harness / Component Development HV
System Engineer AE Advanced Architectures (AE AA)
System Engineering Manager
Head of Development Electrical Logic & Project Management
Head of Electric/Electronic
Head of E/E Wiring Systems and Components
Head of Department Wire Harness Installations 2
Team Leader Wiring Harness Developmen

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